Do you want a route to include both the highway and inland roads? Then use segments! This way you can decide for each part of your route how our program should create the route.

ATTENTION! To use the segments, you must use the OpenStreetMap (map). Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply segments to routes in the TomTom and HERE maps.

Table of Contents 

Toolkit settings

If you want to use the segments, it is important to check that you have activated this option in the OpenStreetMap Toolkit.

When you start working with the segments, you can choose whether or not you want to be able to see the segments on the map. If you check this option, you can see at a glance where segments have been applied in the route.

Apply segments

If you have opened the OpenStreetMap in the Route Editor and checked the use of segments in the Toolkit, you will see these icons for the waypoints. Click to add a segment to the route.

Once you click on the icon, this menu will open. By default, the segment is set to 'fastest', so that our program always tries to provide the fastest route. In this menu, you can adjust the selected segment to a different type of calculation.

Would you rather be a little more specific with your segments? Then click on the button with three horizontal lines.

Here you can further specify your wishes for the segment.

Don't forget to confirm your choice to save the additional options for the chosen segment.

By default, for segments, the selected route point is used as the start point of the segment and the next route point is used as the endpoint of the segment.

Would you rather create a longer segment with multiple waypoints? Then click on 'Select' and choose how long the segment should be.

Tips for using segments

Segment with multiple waypoints

If you want to immediately create a segment with multiple waypoints, it is also possible to do this with the Shift button on your keyboard. In that case, hold down the Shift button while clicking on the two route points that serve as the start and end points. This opens the menu to give the segment the desired type of calculation.

Segments with a HERE or TomTom route

If you want to navigate a route with segments where a different map is needed, we recommend the following. You create the route entirely according to your wishes in the OpenStreetMap with all segments applied. Then change the selected map from OpenStreetMap to the HERE map. You will then receive a warning that the segments do not work in the selected map and that you will continue working in a copy. Our program will then give your route more waypoints to recreate the segments as closely as possible in the HERE map. Therefore, please check the new route to see if everything is still as you planned.