'My account' is a place where you can view and manage your personal information. So you mainly arrange practical matters regarding your account here.

Table of contents

Open 'My Account'

Click on your profile photo at the top right. This will open a dropdown menu with several useful links. At the top is 'My account'. 


  1. Display name: Here you can view and change your screen name. This name is visible on your profile.
  2. E-mail address: Here you can view and change your e-mail address. This email address is linked to your MRA account, so all information also runs via this address.
  3. Password: Before changing, first enter the old password and then the new password. Then enter the new password again for verification.
  4. Forum username: Give yourself a forum name or edit it here.
  5. Notifications: Indicate here which notifications you do or do not want to receive.
  6. Configure SSO: Would you rather log in with your social media? Choose the correct platform here and log in with this account as standard from now on. In How can I log in? you will find more information about SSO.
  7. Location: Choose your location here. Your time zone is automatically set to the chosen location, but can also be changed manually.
  8. Language: Adjust the language here.
  9. Unit: Choose which unit you want to use: metric, imperial GB, or imperial US.
  10. Default privacy setting: By default, all your routes and tracks are saved as chosen here. You can choose from private, friends or public.
  11. Default transport mode: By default, your routes are created in this mode. You can choose from: car, bicycle, by foot, motorcycle, motorhome, truck, or electric car.
  12. Dimensions: You can enter additional data for motorhomes, trucks, and electric cars. ATTENTION! This mode must first be selected before you can enter the correct data for this vehicle.
  13. Save changes: Don't forget to click here if you've made any changes.
  14. Hide profile: If you would rather not allow others to see your profile, check this option.
  15. Hidden tips: Is the website not yet completely clear? Click here to view the short tours on the website again.

Subscription information

See here which subscriptions you have. This way you can easily go to the shop from here to change your subscriptions. See How can I purchase and/or adjust a subscription? for more information about purchasing and changing subscriptions.

In 'My Account' you can also find important information regarding your invoices.

ATTENTION! If you purchased a subscription to MyRoute-app before July 5, 2021, or via the old MRA Navigation app, you will not find any information about your billing details here.

  1. Billing information: See an overview of your billing information here.
  2. Change billing information: Click here to enter your new payment information.
  3. Last invoice: Your last payments are listed here and you can download the invoice.
  4. Upcoming invoice: Know what to expect and look here to see what and when your next invoice is.

Do you need a VAT invoice in connection with a business purchase? No problem! Please contact Support and it will be arranged manually for you.

Please provide the following information in this message:

  • Address
  • Company name
  • VAT number

Delete account

Although we think it is a shame, you can also delete your account with us at any time. To do this, scroll down in 'My account' and click on the 'Delete your account' button. 

ATTENTION! If you delete your account with us, this is permanent. So you immediately lose all your collected data such as routes and tracks. So only delete your account if you are sure.