The MRA Community Forum is a place where all users can go with questions and problems. You can also go here to discuss with other users and propose new features.

In short, the forum is there for everything about MRA.

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Open the forum by clicking on Forum from the Route lab.


  1. Categories: See the list of all categories on the forum here.
  2. Awards: Awards are rewards given to the community for positive and constructive contributions.
  3. Unread: See a list of unread messages you have received here.
  4. Recent: Would you like to see the latest discussions? See here where responses have recently been received.
  5. Tags: Tags can be added to forum posts. See the most commonly used tags here and you can also search the forum based on these tags.
  6. Popular: See in list form which posts are currently the most popular on the forum. This is based on the number of comments a post has and how often it has been viewed.
  7. Users: See all forum users and their status here. You can also search for a user here using filters or the search bar.
  8. Groups: See various groups of forum users here.
  9. Search: Search here within the entire forum.
  10. Notifications: Here you can see all your new notifications.
  11. Chats: Prefer personal contact with another forum user? Start a chat with this person and check here if you have any new chats.
  12. Profile: Adjust your status on the forum here, adjust your profile, or change the settings. ATTENTION! Your profile is visible to other users.


The forum is for all our users around the world. For this reason, English is generally the main language. Do you have difficulty with English? No problem! In most cases, other users will also respond to your message, regardless of whether it is in English or not.

The Self Service Forum is a category with sub-forums that house all the languages we currently support. This makes it possible to share questions and problems with other users in your own language. ATTENTION! Due to their international nature, it is possible that English messages are better visited and can therefore provide more information more quickly.

Our moderators monitor the forum to help where necessary but also to prevent unwanted behavior. Discussion is fun, but keep it civil!

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Before posting to the forum, check to see if another user hasn't already asked the same question or if the issue has already been mentioned. Therefore, simply search for similar keywords using the search bar. Together we prevent the forum from being full of duplicate and therefore unnecessary messages.

Can't find your question/problem? Then go to the correct category and create a new topic within this category.